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There is just so much research on the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics it would be impossible to keep up with it all as results are published. That said we are putting together a blog of news as we find it.

Yakult plans to ‘dissolve’ Argentina business - Dec 28

Symrise-Probi partnership to deliver probiotic goods in 2014-15 Dec 27

Multi-nutrient supplement shows big benefits for lung function in asthmatics Dec 23

Prebiotics boost gut health while adding functionality Dec 14

Deerland Enzymes launches a novel prebiotic, claiming it is highly effective in small doses, starts working within hours rather than days, and does not cause flatulence. Dec 10

Yakult to build second Chinese factory Dec 9

Biosearch Life is finding success with its Qiara, immune system-boosting and mastitis battling probiotic isolated from human breast milk in a world-first product launched in Australia Dec 8

Reckitt Benckiser offers $1.4bn (€1.09bn) to outbid Bayer for Schiff Nutrition International Dec 5

Possible new test methods to get EFSA approval of probiotic and prebiotic health claims Dec 4

AB-Biotics agree to distribute HanAll BioPharma's cholesterol-lowering probiotic in Korea. Dec 2

Du Pont predict that their HOWARU probiotic combination will pass the EFSA health claim test Dec 1

Daily probiotic yogurt consumption of L. amylovorus or L. fermentum may improve energy metabolism and reduce body fat levels by up to 4%, say results of a placebo-controlled, double-blind cross-over clinical trial in Canada

Daily supplements of the probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum CJLP133 may improve eczema in children, says a new study from South Korea Nov 29

A daily dose of a new L.reuteri strain could help to levels of 'bad' and total cholesterol, according to a new Canadian study

New EFSA health claims chief: Probiotics can win right to use health claims within “one or two years” Nov 28


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