Get real value in Probiotics for pets by shopping online.
Probiotics are live good bacteria and microscopic flora that, in the right doses, help to keep your pet fit and well. As the animal's gut contains both good and bad microbes, you are replacing bad microbes with the good ones in the probiotics. Most animal probiotics come in easy to use flavoured capsules, chewable tablets or sprinkle-on powders

Amazon UK and Ebay UK ( below the Amazon store ) are the best value sources we have found on the net.
Amazon UK has lots of top brand name animal probiotics, and prebiotics, at great value prices. Many of Amazon's suppliers are small chemists and online vet retailers.
Click on the links here for probiotic for Horses , probiotic for Dogs , probiotic for Cats , and probiotic for Fish.

We are partnering with Amazon.co.uk to bring you the best value in online probiotics.

EBay has matured from as a place for second-hand stuff, to a place where you can safely do business with small retailers and suppliers directly. Currently there are a lot of E-Bay shop businesses offering cheaper branded probiotics than the very large ''pet supply'' chains and much cheaper than Vets, and many of these merchants have 100% feedback and satisfaction ratings.
We have found that EBay has merchants retailing as well as , and well known brands of and
We have hyperlinked the text links above to go straight to the relevant EBay sections.

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